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BoxSrv provides solid web hosting services with lightening fast support and a friendly team.

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Boxsrv comes with my highest recommendation. These guys helped me move from HG, and I do not regret it one bit! My sites are enormous (7 million entries in one database) but ...  more »
Hi guy's, I would just like to say what a fantastic service you provide ! Having an online shop is a major part of our company. We rely on your hosting services ...  more »
I've already posted a review about BoxSRV, but I felt it necessary to post another. You guys provide an excellent service, and have always been right on the ball to help with ...  more »
Actually, BoxSRV has outperformed their competitors on hosting features, uptime, server speed and customer support. People can get the best web hosting at affordable rates.
BoxSRV Technologies is amazing! I was having problems with a slow-running site with a bad provider that I could never get any help from…it was so frustrating, especially when there was downtime ...  more »
Cannot ask for any more from this amazing company. I use them for web hosting & SHOUTcast, would definitely recommend to anybody! Brilliant customer service too, instantly responding to any questions and ...  more »
I found these guys through a good friend and was told they are good, so I moved all my sites to their essential plan 4 weeks ago from a previous host with ...  more »
Fast Support, Great Service the best for a webradio!
Great service and support is 100%
So far so good! Been using BoxSRV for BeGoodRadio.com and have had no issues. Great work keep it up!
Absolutely amazing company for web hosting & SHOUTcast, would definitely recommend! Brilliant customer service too, will fix almost any problems if you ever have any!
Been a customer for a while now. These guys host both out streaming services and web hosting. At first was a little unsure leaving a big hosting company at moving over but ...  more »
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